Thursday, May 28, 2015

Taking a slight departure from R programming & 

Wine this month to shine a spotlight on another 

project I spear-headed : ITgirls!  THE online coding

 community for Tween Girls!  Friday May 29th @ 2pm 

the 2015 Woman Startup Challenge ends - we need YOUR support!

Fundraising Websites - Crowdrise

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Get Git!

So, if you've been around Data Science very long, you know how critical it is to document your steps, provide version control if collaborating, and ultimately publish your code out for public consumption, a contest, or the like.  Take Instagram's recently published repo (repository) for creating beautiful Apple watch apps: for example.
As a student of Data Science, it's actually a requirement to create, 'fork', and 'pull' a repo for class collaboration.  It's pretty brilliant if you think about it.  Github is a FREE platform!  Unless of course you require a private repo, in which case you can pay to be private.  If you're a student, you can typically get up to 5 private repo's FREE of charge.  Gitbash is the command line interface for Git.  See their help documentation here:

Bottom line, you gotta GET GIT!

Monday, August 18, 2014

A Sense of Urgency

Have you ever watched a person think about making a decision about taking an action?  Have you seen them debate it, research it, talk about it till they're blue in the face.... and yet, STILL not take an action step towards it?  What causes this procrastination?  As an outsider, you can see that the action would greatly benefit the person, yet they lack the sense of urgency to get it done.  They say, "I'm going to make a decision about that today", and then....well, 1st I need to do XY&Z.  Really?? Then by the end of the day there's no time to take action, no time for a decision & then they say, "I'll decide about that tomorrow".  And the vicious cycle continues.  I think Nike said it best, JUST DO IT!    Don't let a lack of urgency create a cycle of procrastination in your life.  Make a decision, take an action.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

You don't know what you don't know

In the months since my initial blog post, much has transpired.  My eagerness to learn 'R' and become a Data Scientist led me to a company who has made the journey utterly pointless!  I had no idea that Actuate Corporation had taken the coding out of Business Intelligence and Data Analysis.  With a recent acquisition of Quiterian (read article here: Forbes/No Data Scientist Needed

Simply install a FREE Open Source Eclipse BIRT  package and with a few clicks of a button, one can drop the data in and create vizzie's, run reports, & all sorts of data analysis.  With the Web Services data source connector, you can stream live Twitter feed for analysis.  Have a POJO, flat file, Excel, MongoDB, JDBC, Amazon, Cloudera, or Cassandra? ...the Data Source list goes on and on!  

Do you need powerful geospatial density mapping with drill down/drill up hierarchy?  Want Ad Hoc reporting capabilities or User Interactivity?  Want to schedule the reports to run and email you upon completion?  All of these features and more are available on the Commercial BIRT iHub3.  

How do I know so much about the Actuate BIRT product?  I loved their offering so much I went to work for them!  

Friday, January 17, 2014

Red Wine & the Program R

On my quest to become a Data Scientist, it goes without saying that Red Wine & Program R are not mutually exclusive.  As matter of fact, one makes the other more interesting.  While taking a free #Coursera course on 'Computing for Data Analysis' by Roger Peng of Johns Hopkins, whilst toggling to the CRAN "An introduction to R", and my Kindle for the Chambers, "Software for Data Analysis" it makes the juggling act all the more fun to add a glass of Cab.  Am I a statistician you ask? A Computer Programmer, or Mathematician? No, actually I majored in Psychology and the R language source code release occurred during my Junior year at #WKU.  Sure I took statistics in college, but never did I dream the Data Revolution we currently find ourselves would entice me to join...but...after being dubbed the sexiest job of the 21st century... well, it had my attention!  Wish me luck on my journey to become a Data Scientist!