Thursday, May 28, 2015

Taking a slight departure from R programming & 

Wine this month to shine a spotlight on another 

project I spear-headed : ITgirls!  THE online coding

 community for Tween Girls!  Friday May 29th @ 2pm 

the 2015 Woman Startup Challenge ends - we need YOUR support!

Fundraising Websites - Crowdrise

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Get Git!

So, if you've been around Data Science very long, you know how critical it is to document your steps, provide version control if collaborating, and ultimately publish your code out for public consumption, a contest, or the like.  Take Instagram's recently published repo (repository) for creating beautiful Apple watch apps: for example.
As a student of Data Science, it's actually a requirement to create, 'fork', and 'pull' a repo for class collaboration.  It's pretty brilliant if you think about it.  Github is a FREE platform!  Unless of course you require a private repo, in which case you can pay to be private.  If you're a student, you can typically get up to 5 private repo's FREE of charge.  Gitbash is the command line interface for Git.  See their help documentation here:

Bottom line, you gotta GET GIT!