Friday, January 17, 2014

Red Wine & the Program R

On my quest to become a Data Scientist, it goes without saying that Red Wine & Program R are not mutually exclusive.  As matter of fact, one makes the other more interesting.  While taking a free #Coursera course on 'Computing for Data Analysis' by Roger Peng of Johns Hopkins, whilst toggling to the CRAN "An introduction to R", and my Kindle for the Chambers, "Software for Data Analysis" it makes the juggling act all the more fun to add a glass of Cab.  Am I a statistician you ask? A Computer Programmer, or Mathematician? No, actually I majored in Psychology and the R language source code release occurred during my Junior year at #WKU.  Sure I took statistics in college, but never did I dream the Data Revolution we currently find ourselves would entice me to join...but...after being dubbed the sexiest job of the 21st century... well, it had my attention!  Wish me luck on my journey to become a Data Scientist!