Tuesday, May 20, 2014

You don't know what you don't know

In the months since my initial blog post, much has transpired.  My eagerness to learn 'R' and become a Data Scientist led me to a company who has made the journey utterly pointless!  I had no idea that Actuate Corporation had taken the coding out of Business Intelligence and Data Analysis.  With a recent acquisition of Quiterian (read article here: Forbes/No Data Scientist Needed

Simply install a FREE Open Source Eclipse BIRT  package and with a few clicks of a button, one can drop the data in and create vizzie's, run reports, & all sorts of data analysis.  With the Web Services data source connector, you can stream live Twitter feed for analysis.  Have a POJO, flat file, Excel, MongoDB, JDBC, Amazon, Cloudera, or Cassandra? ...the Data Source list goes on and on!  

Do you need powerful geospatial density mapping with drill down/drill up hierarchy?  Want Ad Hoc reporting capabilities or User Interactivity?  Want to schedule the reports to run and email you upon completion?  All of these features and more are available on the Commercial BIRT iHub3.  

How do I know so much about the Actuate BIRT product?  I loved their offering so much I went to work for them!