Monday, August 18, 2014

A Sense of Urgency

Have you ever watched a person think about making a decision about taking an action?  Have you seen them debate it, research it, talk about it till they're blue in the face.... and yet, STILL not take an action step towards it?  What causes this procrastination?  As an outsider, you can see that the action would greatly benefit the person, yet they lack the sense of urgency to get it done.  They say, "I'm going to make a decision about that today", and then....well, 1st I need to do XY&Z.  Really?? Then by the end of the day there's no time to take action, no time for a decision & then they say, "I'll decide about that tomorrow".  And the vicious cycle continues.  I think Nike said it best, JUST DO IT!    Don't let a lack of urgency create a cycle of procrastination in your life.  Make a decision, take an action.